2012 quilt challenge

Theme: "What Color is your Brush?"

  • The quilts must be 32" square plus or minus an inch.
  • The colors in your quilt will be based on paint chip colors. Choose one color whose
    name starts with the first letter of you first name and one color whose name starts with
    the first letter of you current last name (Not your maiden name, not your first marriage
    name, not your nickname, not your "I think I will be divorced by then" name). There are
    colors for every letter in the alphabet. The paint chips will need to be pinned to your
    quilt. You can use any shade, tint or tone of the two colors you choose plus black and
    • Defining Tint, Tone, and Shade:
      • Add white to a color to create a tint.
      • If you add gray to a color, you produce a tone.
      • Add black to a color to make a shade.
  • Work to your strength. They can be pieced, appliquéd, painted, embroidered, or ???
  • Please be sure it has a backing, batting and the top. It should be bound in some fashion. It must be entirely made and quilted by you. Direct questions to Wendy Rieves.
  • Entries will be judged on creativity, workmanship, interpretation of the theme, and adherence to the size and color criteria. All the challenge quilts will be displayed at the quilt show in March 2012.
  • Please put a sleeve on the back.

Our goal will be to submit the top 8 quilts as chosen by an independent judge, to the AQS Ultimate Guild Challenge. If accepted into that challenge they will hang at the Grand Rapids, MI show in August of 2012.

The Ultimate Guild Challenge: This challenge honors the results of a quilt guild’s challenge to
its members. The guild issues its own challenge to its members, choosing rules, fabrics, themes,
whatever! The top 8 quilts from the guild are submitted as one entry to the Ultimate Guild Challenge. Each guild can submit only one challenge; each individual can stitch or quilt only one
challenge quilt for one guild.